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What is VPS hosting?

Global Pro Hosting – an acclaimed hosting distributor and an ICANN-certified registrar, which is continually developing and improving, offers a set of cut-price VPS hosting servers. You can purchase both OpenVZ and KVM VPS hosting plans.

The OpenVZ operating system-level virtualization technology offers a more effective way to host your websites. This technology is open source-based, so it will continue to evolve.

The KVM VPS hosting platform is more conventional and established, offering a well-proven and reliable way to manage your VPS.

We offer you budget-priced web hosting services, which come directly from the web hosting company, and not from a third party. This enables Global Pro Hosting to maintain low prices and guarantees that you are given the best possible resources for your web sites. Albeit these discounted prices, you still get exceptional resources. For instance, our OpenVZ VPS hosting servers are more stable than the average VPSs, since they make use of state-of-the-art SSDs offering faster transfer speeds, not ordinary disk drives.

You Exert Full Authority over Your VPS

You exert full control over the virtual private hosting server. You are given root access, so you have everything you need to manage your private virtual web hosting server. With Global Pro Hosting, you can upgrade instantly without service disturbances, which is a key point to consider irrespective of what your website will be. Our cut-price VPS plans include fast Virtual Private Server hosting account activation and client care services and no subscription taxes. This way, with us, you get the ideal mix of premium hosting plans, the latest technology and a top-notch customer care service, which makes Global Pro Hosting the most appropriate option for your web hosting demands.

Take a look now at the magnificent variety of services available at our website and choose the one that's best for you. So, order VPS plans from Global Pro Hosting today!